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Welcome to the Red Hot Layouts Community!
This is mainly a community for premade layouts, meaning that I do not take requests. However, you are always welcome to make suggestions. Suggestions are appreciated.

rules, etc.;

1) CREDIT. You MUST credit. If you do not give proper credit, you will receive only one warning. Instructions on how to credit will usually be given in the post you get the layout from. I no longer care.
2) COMMENT. Comment when taking a layout. Please and thank you.
3) Respect the mods and maintainers.
4) Do not steal anything from this community and claim it as your own.
5) Check the FAQ before you ask questions about installing a layout!!! Your question can most likely be found there. If your question is NOT answered on the FAQ, you may comment and ask. The FAQ can be found here.
6) Any and all questions MUST be kept in this post (the FAQ) otherwise they will not be answered. I do not have time to search for your questions in the other posts. Thanks!

Have a suggestion for the community? Please let us know. Feedback is wholly appreciated.

Thank you for reading. :)

Current layout by minty_peach because I'm too lazy to make my own. :]


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